We produce best quality processed Gherkin in India. It is not just our claim but to realize. We deliver the best quality processed Gherkin whether it is semi finished or ready to eat Gherkins.

All our fresh gherkins are of same quality but we process them for two different requirements of the customers. Some are semi finished and some are completely ready to eat, these are generally packed in glass jar or can of small sizes.

In Semi finished product, Gherkins are preserved in natural vinegar/Acetic Acid/Brine without any spices, herbs or any other test maker. They are packed in food grade large HDPE barrels.

On the other hand, for ready to eat Gherkins, various spices, herbs are added for different variety of tests and packed in ready to eat packages like glass jar or can.

We offer both types of processed Gherkins. We supply semi finshed Gherkins preserved in natural vinegar/Acetic Acid/Brine as per customer’s preference. Similarly ready to eat gherkins can also be customized as per customer’s recipe and packaging in different sizes of jar or can and label.

Semi Finished Gherkins
in bulk HDPE Barrel
Ready Gherkins without label Ready Gherkins with label