Welcome to Sunil Agro Exports Limited, in best Processed Gherkin producing country, INDIA. We are among the largest and best producer of Processed Gherkins. Our main strength is the Quality. We grow fresh Gherkins followed with best farm practices and process in a latest and state of the art processing plant. This our 100% EOU plant.

Our plant is located at the best fresh gherkin producing area in the state of Karnataka, INDIA, near World IT City Bangalore, having all International Standard, highly dedicated and committed professionals who are also best in the Industry to produce and deliver the best processed Gherkinsto all over the world.

The Quality Certificates:

We produce best processed Gherkins. We export our entire produce to different part of the world. We start with growing fresh gherkins through contract farming. We follow best farm practices to grow fresh gherkin which are main raw materials and food items. All hygienic methods are strictly followed in harvesting to carrying.

We offer two main types of processed Gherkins. Semi finished Gherkin in bulk packaging, in food grade large HDPE barrels and Finished, ready to eat bottled/jar products with standard recipes. We offer standard bottle/jar size of 370 ml, 500 ml, 720 ml, 1000 ml and 2000 ml. We can also customize the size of the jar and recipes of the products as per requirement of customers.